DC Charger 30 kW & 60 kW

The top chargers for every car park

Our car park chargers do not charge car parks

... but your business.

Our new direct current DC chargers are the ideal power charging stations for any type of car park!

Whether in an underground car park or in the open air, mounted on the wall or on a pedestal, they supply electric vehicles with the necessary power of up to 30 or 60 kilowatts! Especially in car parks such as shopping centres, restaurants, cinemas, companies, P&R, car dealerships, etc., the two variants offer the necessary power to sufficiently charge the vehicle batteries.

Offer your customers more options for safe charging: Install up to five car park chargers instead of just one HPC (HighPowerCharger). This means five times more security, a broader range, more customers and therefore more sales!

Special requests are our speciality! Just write to us - together we will find a solution! 

Further versions and prices on request.


Technical information

Our chargers not only fulfil the current EU charging station and AFIR regulations, but also impress with their installation methods, design, ease of maintenance and especially their reliability.

  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Low-noise operation: silent mode
  • AFIR-compliant
  • OCPP 1.6 + 2.0 via WiFi, LTE, LAN
  • Wall or pedestal mounting
  • Possible with and without calibration right
  • Cable holder & pedestal optional
  • Can be customised (advertising / CI)
  • Desired colours