Medium-pressure UV technology

Wide spectrum – suitable for many applications

eta plus electronic GmbH develops and manufactures UV lamps with an output range between 1 kW and 40 kW.

Typical applications: Curing of inks and varnishes, disinfection of drinking and waste water, applications for the food and beverage industry and disinfection of swimming pools and  ships' ballast water.

In medium-pressure lamps, mercury is excited to emit light and a broad UV spectrum from deep UVC to UVA is created.

The success of medium-pressure UV lamps is based on their exceptionally high power density. As the diagram shows, the medium-pressure UV lamp (MPL) has the highest power density of all the existing UV lamp technologies. The greater power density enables  powerful, efficient and compact UV systems. The small number of lamps results in a less complex system and significantly reduced maintenance costs.

The radiant power of the lamp is virtually independent of the ambient temperature. This allows for a constant, stable operation of the UV system, even under widely varying operating conditions.

  • When powered by our perfectly matched electronic lamp control units ELC the medium pressure lamps show exceptionally high lamp service lifetime and strongly minimized dependence on switching cycles.
  • All relevant electrical lamp parameters are precisely close loop-controlled and monitored online. This enables smart and effective in-field diagnostics.
  • This optimum lamp-ballast combination guarantees lowest system maintenance costs at highest reliability.