UV curing

UV technology for a variety of applications

In UV curing, specially formulated inks and varnishes are dried or cured within a fraction of a second – their constituents polymerize or cross-link. UV inks consist of oligomers, monomers, photo initiators and, in contrast with conventional inks and varnishes, do not require any solvents or thinners (that evaporate or absorb slowly) for the drying process. This is one of the reasons UV technology is so environmentally friendly. UV curing systems as complete systems or components are manufactured for the areas of printing, coating, adhesion and inkjet. Our lamps and electronic ballasts are used in the systems of IST, a leading company in the UV technology sector.

More about UV curing

Advantages of UV curing

  • extremely short drying times
  • immediate continuation of process
  • high gloss varnishes
  • very scratch-resistant
  • high resistance to chemicals

UV curing applications

  • Printing industry
  • Automobile industry
  • Industrial applications on various materials (e.g. metal, plastic, glass, wood etc.)
  • UV converting (siliconisation, adhesion, PVC and varnishing of decorative foils)