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eta plus Manufacturer of medium-pressure UV lamps and electronic ballasts


eta plus - our name is our principle!

We are a medium-sized and internationally active company of the IST METZ Group, the market leader in industrial UV technology. Our UV lamps and electronic ballasts are used worldwide in the printing presses of all renowned manufacturers for drying inks and varnishes. In the expanding market of UV water treatment, we develop and manufacture new lamp systems for disinfecting municipal drinking water, for industrial water treatments and for the treatment of ballast water on ships. Our customers value our high quality standards and our first-class customer service.




Medium-pressure UV lamps and electronic lamp controls (ELC) have a broad area of application.

Medium-pressure UV lamps and electronic lamp controls (ELC) are key components of UV curing systems. They are used in the areas of printing, coating, adhesion and inkjet. In environmental technology, the products are used for water treatment, in surface treatment systems and ballast water systems. Control cabinet solutions and LED solutions round off our broad product range.

UV lamps

Electronic ballasts

Control cabinet solutions


The success of the UV technology is based on the perfect coordination between the radiation properties of the UV source and the specific requirements of the UV application. Both, in UV drying or surface treatment as well as in the area of water treatment and others the perfect result is highly dependent on the perfect match of UV lamps, electronic ballast and irradiation system which is used to run the lamps and distribute the UV light to the areas where it's needed.

In environmental technology, eta plus medium-pressure lamps and ELC are used in reactors for water treatment, in surface treatment systems and in ballast water systems. We also provide certified control cabinet solutions for this market.

UV curing

Environmental technology