MP customised lamps

Tailor-made for your application

Superior quality UV lamps

Our technical expertise in lamp development and manufacturing is the key to your success. In close collaboration with you, we can find the best technical solution for the requirements of your UV application. On top of that, we will stay at your side to provide continuing support. Our customer-specific solutions guarantee optimum UV yield coupled with the longest possible life-time. Custom-made lamp sockets ensure trouble-free installation and safeguard your after-sales market. The functional interaction between optical, thermal, electrical and mechanical lamp properties is decisive for the perfect medium-pressure lamp. The overview below outlines the most important lamp parameters that can be adapted to suit various applications.

MPL variable characteristic

  • Nominal power:  1 kW – 40 kW
  • Specific power:  40 W/cm – 300 W/cm
  • Arc lengths:  50 mm – 3000 mm
  • Bulb diameter:  16 mm – 30 mm
  • Quarz types:
    • standard
    • ozone free (OF)
    • pure Silica (PS)
    • others on request
  • Filling/Dopants:
    • standard mercury
    • Gallium- indium (A)
    • Iron (B)
    • Lead (C)
    • others on request
  • Lamp ends: Either standard or individually customised
  • Electrical connection: Wire connection or plug connection; double ended or single ended