Environmental technology

Wide range of applications

Our versatile products are to be found in the most diverse applications including: drinking and waste water; food and beverage industry; swimming pool and snow preparation applications; fish culture and ship ballast water; pharmaceutical and clean-environment processes; TOC reduction and air disinfection.

The quality of the water resources continues to deteriorate around the globe. Industry and agriculture pollute the water with toxins such as pesticides, hormones and microorganisms that can be harmful to humans. The disinfection of water by means of UV technology has been a globally proven and safe method for a long time. UV light from low or medium pressure mercury vapour lamps inactivates the DNA of harmful germs and reduces the bacterial count to the legally required maximum quantity for drinking water. This requires neither chemicals nor does it produce unwanted or even harmful by-products during the disinfection process. Pathogens that are resistant to chlorine, for example, are also reliably killed off. Natural taste, odour, colour and pH values of the water are not affected by the UV light treatment.

In the last twenty years, more and more public water utilities in Germany have opted for the chemical-free water disinfection with UV devices. Today, private water supply also favour the low-maintenance, user-friendly UV disinfection method.

eta plus manufactures UV lamps and electroncic power supplies that are used for this purpose. They are employed, for example, in urban wastewater treatment plants in Basel, Paris and San Francisco. The UV lamps are used in the removal of harmful substances from drinking water, for the disinfection of wastewater, ballast water on ships and in industrial wastewater treatment.

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