Research and Development

Our development department is constantly working on improving our products for better efficiency and reliability. As part of numerous research projects, innovative technologies for the generation of ultraviolet radiation and the corresponding power electronics are also being examined in terms of their marketability. The latest CAD and simulation tools and state-of-the-art measuring technology are used for this purpose.

eta plus’ unusually strong R&D is complemented with a close co-operation with the renowned Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

  • In our own lamp laboratory, we can determine the radiant power by means of spectral and spatial resolution and, as a result, the efficiency of various UV sources.
  • The electronic lab enables us to perform mains measurements, EMC measurements during the development phase and to determine the exact efficiency of the power electronics. Long-term testing of lamps and electronic ballast devices is carried out in our endurance test facility.
  • In our development, UV source and electronic power supply are optimally coordinated and tailored to the often specific requirements of our customers.

We therefore have the development and system expertise in-house, which means that our customers benefit in the form of competent advice and high-quality service.