Company history

2024 - 2016
2015 - 2001
2000 - 1988

eta plus has made it into the top 100 in the TOP 100 innovation competition and impressed in the independent selection process with its climate of innovation and innovation success.


The world's most compact 36 kW power cabinet for MD lamps receives maritime approval.


eta plus manufactures the first excimer lamp with a length of 3.10 m for display production.


The Ballast Water Convention guidelines that came into force on 08 September 2017 must be met. Existing ships require a ballast water treatment system. UV technology offers an environmentally friendly solution for this.


The company is celebrating its 30th anniversary and we welcome our 100th employee to our company.


eta plus develops the first LED lamp in the UV-A range.


We have good reasons to celebrate: eta plus turns 25, 10,000 ELCs and 250,000 lamps have been produced and our extension, which doubles the space capacity at eta plus, can now be inaugurated.

New extension and move.


eta plus celebrates 20 years of living up to its name: a continued increase in efficiency both in product and service - not only to IST Metz GmbH but to an established base of OEM customers in environmental technology. More than 20,000 UV lamps are being produced annually and almost 5000 electronic ballasts are out in the field.


Production of the 1,000th electronic ballast is celebrated.

2002 & 2003

eta plus produces the first higher power electronic ballasts of 12 kW – 22 kW.

This success continues with UV systems of up to 32 kW now being operated electronically.


Production of the 66,666th lamp is celebrate.

Now with over 40 employees more than 12,000 lamps are produced annually, electronic ballasts are available for systems up to 10 kW and the eta plus product range comprehends a wide range of system components.


The 10th anniversary of the company sees the achievement of QM certification in accordance with DIN EN 9001 assuring 100% quality control on all products and the sale of the first electronic ballasts for 6 kW systems. The design is registered in June.


The 30,000th lamp is manufactured. eta plus acquire their own premises with over 2,200 m2 office and production space.


First delivery of products to OEM customers in the water treatment market.


Revolutionary development of an on-line UV measuring system. The start of a close co-operation with the Institute for Lighting Research and Technology of the University of Karlsruhe marks the firmly placed emphasis on being in the fore-front of R&D.


The 1st eta plus medium pressure lamp was manufactured on 14th April. By the end of the year some 500 UV lamps had been manufactured; eta plus counted seven employees and had already developed a range of products covering electronic and electro-optical components for lamp operation and control.


Founded in Nuertingen near Stuttgart in southern Germany with the aim of supplying our parent company IST Metz GmbH with powerful and efficient UV light sources. The first premises are located in the IST Metz building.