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ELC – Electronic Lamp Control

The electronic lamp control units ELC® are designed to power UV medium pressure discharge lamps. In four different series we offer fully integrated electronic lamp control solutions for UV lamps from 3 kW to 32 kW.

Various air and water based cooling options offer most flexible power system integration. The ELC® control strategies allow easy PLC connection as well as smart control and servicing options.


All ELC® are based on a high frequency resonant power converter to precisely power the medium pressure lamps. This topology combines highest efficiency at lowest electromagnetic interference. The fully insulated lamp output allows perfect lamp matching as well as short circuit and earth fault resistant operation.

Your success

Our customer-specific in-house lamp  development permits the optimum com-ponent match for your UV system. Coupled with the consistent burn-in of each ELC® this enables your UV system to attain highest lamp service lifetime.


System reliability

  • smart soft ignition
  • highest lamp lifetime


  • low heat exhaust
  • highest ambient temperature
  • energy savings

Stepless lamp control

  • dimming range 20% – 100%
  • precisely controlled and
  • monitored  lamp status

Mains compliance

  • high power factor
  • low harmonic distortion
  • symmetric load
  • no inrush current
  • no start-up over-current

Safety features

  • insulated lamp output
  • integrated earth fault detection
  • short circuit proof